Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011 - July 2013

Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011-July 2013
Alma 37:36 Yea, and cry into God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord: yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Oct 1, 2012 - great week!

Monday Oct 1, 2012


Well this week was pretty busy!!


Sounds like you might have even worked harder than I did,  but hey that makes busy weeks for both of us. 


It’s always so great to hear about how the temple is doing and the experiences that you are having there. I’m sure it must be absolutely amazing to be in or around it almost every day. Man it makes me kinda jealous to hear about all of this cause one of the things I miss most about home is going to the temple and the spirit that one feels there. It’s so special and unique I love it!!!!!!


Well anyway this week we had a baptism!!! She is the sweetest most prepared woman ever!! She was baptized in 2 weeks and so she has been the miracle for us this month. It’s been really tough as Satan has been working very hard on our area. 3 of our baptisms fell through just like that and it was super tough to go through but the Lord will ALWAYS prevail and he blessed us with baptizing Maria I!!! So that was sure a tender mercy of the Lord and I’m so happy to see her a member of the church because she is ready to work. 


This week has been a great week of finding new people and me and Elder Lopez worked our butts off and found tons of people to teach and we put a fechas with just about half of them. We were machines and were just trying to become the challenging and testifying missionaries that the Lord wants us to be. There has been lots of miracles every day and for that I am thankful to the Lord. Now with all these people it’s time to just help them progress and grow closer to their Heavenly Father so that they can make the covenant of baptism with him. 


Well it’s an exciting time with many new and great things happening in the mission. I hope that you all have a great week and keep busy!!!


Love ya Tons!!

Elder Harker


Monday Sept 24, 2012


Hey Family!!!!


So things keep plugging along with all the labour that you guys are doing to help get the temple all ready for the open house. It sure must be exciting to see how it comes along and to be this involved even before the temple is ready to be shown. I’m sure with all the hard work that everything will get done in time and that it will be a breath of relief when everything is done. 


Its way cool to hear about the changes in the Bishopric, sounds like they are very good changes and I’m sure the ward will continue to grow and grow with those men working in the Lord’s work. New callings are always so exciting because you just know that the people are going to do very well in the places they are called.


Anyways things here are good, we have some baptisms coming up this next Saturday and the Lord sure has blessed us. We were supposed to have 2 this last Saturday but its kinda a long story but the short version is that they were 2 teenagers and their mom just dropped them off at their active uncles house one day and left them behind. we started teaching them and they were gunna get baptized until just this last Tuesday she came back and took them off to Mendoza, (another province) anyway it was super disappointing but with hard work the Lord blessed us with 2 other baptisms for this week. 


So things keep moving along as usual and the Lord always has his hand in the work but this week has sure been a toughie. A real faith tester and it has been long days that are hot with not much success. Just trying to find someone new, trying to find the people that are going to progress but it’s been a lot of working this week trying to do what the Lord wants us to do. I know that the blessings always come after the trials but sometimes it’s kind of hard to get through those trials. Anyway we kept going strong just trying to talk to everyone and anyone but not much luck. We live and we learn and I know next week will be better with the baptisms and all. 


So I’m looking forward to the future and I know things will work out. Prayer has come a long way this week and I know that for God to help us we first need to seek his help. So it’s tough sometimes but we just need to be humble and get on our knees and ask for a higher help. I know that he answers us and he will help us to the extent where we can still learn and grow. 


That’s about it for this week folks, I hope that you have a good one and keep working hard and I’ll let you know what’s up next week. 


Love ya lots


Elder Harker

Monday Sept 17, 2012

Monday Sept 17, 2012

Wow that’s way awesome mom, the Lord prepares us in such ways that we can’t even realize!!!! It’s amazing how he prompts us to do things. I’ve had a few experiences this week where I just knew I had to do things a certain way and great blessings came of it. For example we were walking down the street through kind of an intersection and down the road we were passing I saw a guy washing his car. I thought I should go talk to that guy, he seems like a good contact and anyway I just felt I should. So we back track about half a block and went to go talk to him and turns out he’s talked with missionaries before and we set up a time to go back and visit him. He seems way cool and definitely is chosen to hear the gospel at this time.

Hey Familia!!!!!!!


So what’s up? Well it sounds like a lot has been up lately and things keep going on, with Stake Conference and the temple dedication, you’ve all had your plate really full and you keep marching forward as saints of God. I really enjoy hearing all of the experiences that you guys are having back home and it’s great to see that we are in this work together!!


So anyways it’s been a pretty faith testing week, it hasn’t been the best week overall but I know that the Lord has been watching over us every day. We have seen many miracles throughout the week be it big or small, the tender mercies of the Lord we have seen. It’s always amazing to just feel that strong impression or strong feeling that the spirit is with you and has helped you work in a way that’s not normal to complete the purposes of the Lord, and also to see that the hand of the Lord is always present in our lives. Man I love to see that and throughout this week I’ve recognized it more. For example the story I shared with mom about the guy washing his car which you can put on the blog if you want. But also just being able to see that we find people right in the moment they need it. Like the other day we were at the end of the day with almost no success. I think we had gotten into one house all day, and it was like 35 degrees during the siesta and man it was just a hard day on me. But the last thing we did for the day was go looking for a reference and we didn’t know exactly what house it was so we went to knock a house to see if they knew the person. So we knock. tuk tuk tuk and someone opens the door and says ¨do you want to come in Wow!!!! Amazing!! It wasn’t even the person we were looking for but we taught a great lesson and set up a time to come back. Man the lord blessed us. Other times where we were just able to teach in a simple form and testify about the truth of the BOM and everything just worked out. They accepted it and things just went well. I love to see things and just tiny miracles everyday and they happen all around us, we just need to realize what they are. Oh the gospel is so true and there’s no doubt about, God loves every single one of us and he knows when we are in times of need.


But other news for this week is that we also had Stake Conference which was pretty great and it was based all on missionary work which was great for all the members to hear, and at the end of the conference all the missionaries got up and sang us included, Called to Serve which was a great opportunity. 


Besides that we have Zone Conference tomorrow so we have to travel to Cordoba for that and we have to get up early tomorrow and oh I got your package!!!! Thank you soo much for everything!!! and oh my goodness the t-shirt is the best thing I have ever gotten in my entire life!!! How thoughtful was that!!!!! bahahahaha I laughed so hard when I opened it bahahaahahahahahahah it’s the greatest!!!! 


Well about wraps it all up so until next week family. I love you all tons and I hope you have a great week!!!!



Elder Harker