Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011 - July 2013

Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011-July 2013
Alma 37:36 Yea, and cry into God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord: yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Posts from June 3 - July 15th - almost home, if we ever get a date and flight details. I keep thinking of the movie the RM and Kent just showing up at the door....

Monday June 3, 2013


Hey mom and well family I am so sorry I don’t have any time to write at all but I’m alive and well. I’m doing good until next week!!!! I love you all tengan una buena semana y saben que todavia noi estoy trunky!!!! les amo muchisimo y bueno hasta la proxima!!! 


Elder Harker

Monday June 10, 2013


Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok , I get it, you want to know when I come home, but your just gunna have to wait cause the time has not yet come, tranquilo mam tranquilo. pero bueno I should come home like the 31 of July or 1 of August so plan for around there. 


So anyway, Elder Cook, well he talked about many things and we were  also able to hear from his wife. A few of the things that I really found incredible was that at the end of his talk he proclaimed a blessing upon us and it was just super powerful and I could just feel the spirit so strong.  It was just amazing and well I have it written down but I don’t have it with me. He also talked about the blessings of a mission and a few of the things he mentioned is that as we serve, we bless our own posterity, our own family actual, our ´parents and brothers and sisters, and all that has to do with who we are and who we will become. It was great to hear that because really it’s true and although I haven’t literally seen all the blessing that come from a mission I know that they will be manifest in the future, and among many others things he shared with us it was really just a great and sacred meeting where the Spirit was really felt. 


Sounds like life at home is pretty much the same and so I’m happy for you guys.  I don’t really know what else to say. All is well and we keep working hard. Oh I guess I should tell you about the baptism we had on Saturday!!!! Her name is E and she’s like 63, way cool lady, and she’s a little different sometimes cause she had a stroke a few years ago but super nice. Always wants to give us food and stuff and well her baptism was super cool. The Bishop baptized her and well it was super special and well I can’t send photos right now because my camera as of Saturday kinda broke cause my comp was using it and he dropped it so the lens needs to be fixed. That’s a bummer but oh well these things happen. I’ll probs be taking out some money for that plus I need to start looking for recuerdos and so I’ll be taking out money to buy some things just to let you know. I will need some extra in my account.


Well I love you all and have a splendid week!!!!


Elder Harker



Monday June 17, 2013


So I don’t really know what to tell you, for the last 2 years I pretty much write the same thing every week, but oh well that’s life right. 


Things are just dandy and we are working hard, there are changes that will be happening and well I will be training this next transfer a new missionary and so things are going to be kept a little bit interesting!!1 am excited and it gives me a great reason to just keep going strong.  I can’t rest now so I think I’ll be coming home half dead. It makes me happy!!! 


Other than that we are just working hard and well trying to keep ourselves busy and ready to work all the time. We have some new investigators that we are working with and so all is well here in the mission. I don’t have any complaints and now I just need to hit the pavement. 

So I’m just thinking and thinking and well nothing else really comes to mind. 


Do you guys want anything in specific from Argentina???

Well I love you all and we’ll be talking next week.



Love Elder Harker


Monday June 24, 2013


Well lots going on it seems!!!

Well my companion is Elder O´Hanley from Las Vegas, Nevada, and well he’s a great Elder. I don’t really know what else to say about him. He’s super innocent and he does not speak barely any Spanish at all and so we are learning little by little. We might be taking a little advantage of him with jokes and stuff like that but don’t worry it’s all fun and games and they are all good jokes nothing too far so don’t worry mother, it’s alright.
Things are just dandy with work coming on hard and well we need to just keep this rhythm. This week has been quite an adventure with lots of things going on. We are trying to get our head around things. This next week Pres Salas leaves and well we’re gunna have one last conference tomorrow with all the mission and then he’s gone on like Sunday I think. Something like that. The new president we know who it is but I have no idea how to spell it so I won’t even try. 


But all in all things are good and well I don’t have anything else to say. so I love you all and well until next week.

Elder Harker

Monday July 1, 2013

Sounds like lots of disaster, but that gives you guys a lot of time and effort to go out and serve the people. Good timing that it is during summer too so that lots of people have the day off to go out and help .


Well great job on your talk mom, I’m sure it went well and well I just know it did. haha

Too bad for Sara’s car but oh well that’s just life always full of adventures. (a skunk sprayed her car)

Anyway I don’t really know what to tell you. All is the same and well nothing is changing much. Still just having a blast with my comp we’re doing some good work and well the people are progressing and growing closer to Christ, so what more can I ask for. The ward is on fire and we’re working really hard with them and everything. But hey it’s missionary work and we just gotta do it. 

So I’m just a happy camper and well I don’t really know what else to tell you but I love you all. And this next week is gunna be great!!! cya later!!

Elder Harker

 Letter he sent Brad

That’s way cool to hear about all the helping hands that’s going on out there at home. I was able to see the pics and well it looks like lots of people are helping out so that is super awesome!!!

Anyway this was a great week, lots of progress. Well now we have a new mission president, now just to meet him. Anyway until next time sorry I don’t have lots of time!

Love you

Elder Harker


Oh but I gotta tell you something I forgot. My bday was soo amazing and just for the fact of this!!!!!


Look at picture!!!!


I got to go back to my first area, Renaciemiento!!

I got to witness the baptism of Nahuel!! ahh it was such a great birthday gift!!! 

He was my investigator 2 years ago part of the familia Buyo just the best family ever and pretty much my family here!!!

It was just amazing to be able to go back to see that!!!


And also this week we had the goodbye to Pres Salas. It was super hard to say goodbye but I know that I`ll see him again cause we made some plans haha but anyway that’s the big news for today chau!!!

Monday July 8, 2013


Nope, it should be Abide with me tis eventide. 


But anyway on to other things. As always you are all busy and well I don’t know what else to respond because I just always am saying the same thins. But to tell you a little. 

My new Mission Pres I don’t know him, just talked to him once so can’t tell ya anything yet. 

My comp is from Las Vegas, named Elder O´hanley!!!

He’s doing pretty good the only thing that is really hard for him is the language and so we`re working on that one but we’ll see what we can do. 

And well what else do I say. I’m just dandy and all and well I love the mission.

I hope that this week goes well and anything that is interesting I`ll tell you next week but for now all is just great!!! Love you lots!!


Elder Harker


Monday July 15, 2013


Ok just to let you know, I still don’t have any details on the getting home thing so just be patient. Anyway I don’t even want to know just yet so I’m fine with it for now. 


But anyway all is well I really don’t know what to write. We should be baptizing this weekend and so that will be super awesome and well a great way to start out the last weeks. All is the same as normal nothing really has changed but I guess I could say I’ve met the Mission President and well he seems way cool and super ready to be the President. I’ve already accepted him as my new Mission President and well I know that he will do great things here. 


well having lots of memorable moments and trying to treasure them but most of all just trying to work as hard as I can so that’s about my life right now. Nothing too exciting and well that’s what I got to say. I’m really blanking on anything else I can write you and well that’s about it.  We`ll talk for the last time next week I think and well until then chau!!


Love you

Elder Harker



Sunday, 2 June 2013

The latest from Kent.... less than 2 months and he is home - WOW!

Monday May 27, 2013



Well ,well, well, sounds like things are going good and even those who aren’t my direct family members have things planned for me hahah.  So anyway that’s all good to hear about.  Anyway all is well, all is well. But anyway this week has been great, no complaints. 


Today I was able to go back to my very first area to visit the familia buyo which made me really happy they have progressed so much and man I just loved seeing them. I love the work it just makes my testimony so much stronger when I see things like that and well it makes me soo warm and happy inside. I don’t really know what to say honestly. I just know that this week is going to be amazing with tons of little or big miracles but we’ll see what happens! Anyway until next time my friends and give Tanner a big hug, Elder Harker hug for me



Elder Harker


PS -  Elder Cook from the 12 is coming to visit us on Friday!!! Yeah be jealous!! haha I love you


Monday May 20, 2013

Hey guys!!!

Well anyway this week has been an interesting one. First of all I did not go to church yesterday, because I stayed home with a sick missionary. During the week we had a few interesting run ins with the old grannies that we live with and that’s always funny and well just a few other  things that I’m not going to go into detail with and then well work. The work part is my favourite part as i just love it!!!


So this week I barely even worked in my own area as I was out helping out the other missionaries. This week they are going to baptize and we will be Zion. 

It’s gunna be super great and well we’re starting to accomplish something here in the Zone that has never before been accomplished and so we’re just gunn have to keep with this rhythm and we’ll be able to see all the blessings!!! I’m super happy to be out here and well just serve, I think it’s the best even though there are sometimes on those days where you just feel like ugh I can’t go anymore or I just want to rest and relax a little bit you just got to keep going on and well I am happy for that. It’s totally just pure satisfaction when you can say that you just pushed through it. And soo that’s a little bit how I’ve felt this week and well we’ve seen the blessings from it. 


That’s about all I have to say. Sounds like all is well back home and so I have no worries!!! All is well, all is well. And well that’s my piece. Chau



Elder Harker


Monday May 6, 2013


Hey Guys!!!!


Well I guess I’ll let you know that I’ll be calling around like 4:30 your time. I think that would work out best for me too and well that’s the plan plus I’ll be calling by Skype so that’s the other thing your gunna have to prepare for and well I’ll call by phone if anything goes wrong. But anyway that’s that. 


Tons of thing are happening back home it looks like and well I don’t really know what to comment about so I’ll just say sounds like everything is going great and way to go!!!


Also I need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!!!!! Way to go on cumpliendo años. So everything is good and don’t worry mom you’ll be in my prayers. +


Sounds like the Elders in the ward are way tight and well it looks like they are gunna be my best buds when I get home or hopefully!!! well about the work here it’s going great!!!!


I was transferred this last week and so well now I’m in a new area and so things should be fun here. There’s lots of work to do and well I gotta get to it to help out the other missionaries here. I just love the work. My new comp is Elder Castillo from Chile, that’s not the first jajaja but he seems way tight and I think were gunna work super hard here and so that’s the plan from now on and out. Not much to complain about but I can’t believe that Elder Henry is going home!!!! ahhhh it blows my mind and well that’s just life I guess. But all in all things move on. 


So just know that I’m fine and well I keep going strong and we’re gunnn have a great week this week and well I’ll let you know of any fun adventures that I have this week on the telephone ok!!!!


Well take care my loves!

Elder Harker


Sunday, 5 May 2013

it's been awhile .... life is busy for Kent

Monday March 18, 2013


Hey family!!!!

 WOW!!!! Way to go Kati Anne!!!!! Send her huge congratulations!!!

So anyway that’s way good to hear about all the things that are going on back home.

But anyway all is well with me and well I’m just super chocho con todo lo que esta pasado en mi area y con mi onpalero y todo. el señor nos ha bendecido con milagrasos esta semana y no puedo estar mas feliz!!!! This week we had 2 baptisms and well the Lord put us in the right place at the right time to see them come through!!!! It has been a tough week where we had to sacrifice a lot but in the end we could see both M and P be baptized!!! What a sight that was!!!! Also this week we had a change in our branch presidency and so it will be super fun and exciting and lots of work with our new branch president but I know it will all be ok in the end. 


I can’t even express how much I love this work but all in all things are good and we keep seeing the miracles that the Lord has prepared for us every single day. Sometimes it takes until the end of the day but we can get to see at least one per day which I love. This work is the best there is and well it’s gotta keep going and I gotta go with it. I love you all sooo much and well we’ll be talking next week!!!!!


Elder Harker


Monday March 25, 2013

Hey guys!!!


Well I’m sure glad you are all having a good time in San Diego. It must be nice getting away from the normal routine. Anyway about the pope well I hear about it several times a day and well it’s an interesting thing but it just makes the people more prideful and well its gunna be a little bit more of a fight right now as he’s just starting up. I think after a while it won’t be a difference but now it is a little different. 


So anyway the news with me. No hay mucho porwue no hay muchos cambios. tengo un nuevo companñero y bueno el se llama, Elder M, y el tambien es de Chile, entonces el es el tercero d chile. All is well and he seems pretty cool. We are gunna see how this week goes and well I’m excited to see how everything goes!! 


We baptized again this week and well tomorrow we are guuna baptize in the morning and we are gunna do it in the lake that is here so its gunna be sweet!!!! We have a little surprise planned and I’ll le toyu in on it next week. But all is well and all is going on the good side. No complaints and well I’m just a happy campers. Don’t got much else to say but I love you guys and stay strong!!!!



Elder Harker

Monday April 1, 2013


Hey guys, 

Great to hear from you all. Well I am glad all went well in primary and well that you keep busy even when on vacations. 

Other than that all is well, we had a good week of work but it could have been a little better. We’re adjusting as a companionship to how to act and all that, strengths’ and weaknesses of the companionship and well that’s something were working on. It will come in time and well I still just love my comp and we’re having a good time together. We’re working hard and well we’ve already baptized!!!


This week should be pretty busy week and well I am excited to see how it goes but I love you all. I try to write all I can to you guys so you know it’s just that it seems like the time goes soo fast and well there’s tons of imformes that I have to fill out and everything. But all is well and we’ll talk next week. 



Elder Harker 

Monday April 8, 2013

Hey guys, well got to say things fastso

Here’s the news. 

Yesterday fuimos a una iglesia evangelica!!

Tuesday I fainted again, and well I’m all fine. ( the medic said I faint cause I’m not eating dinner, and I don’t have enough energy to keep on going and soo I’ve been trying to save money and not eat but it’s affecting me. any who it is all fine and I’m not going to die.)

Pres Salas, was called to be a seventy in the conference!!!!

Congrats Erin on being on the world news I told everyone here that you were in it and we stopped the site to examine jajaaja ay cool to see that!!!

I got the package!!! You have understood la doctrina de pasley!!! I love the paisley tie!!! and did you notice all the paisleys used in Conference???

Oh tell Ryan Happy Bday!!

And well apart from that I think I’ve covered it all. Sorry I don’t have much time  we’re gunna got eat by the lake today with the hermanas so I gotta go!!!! 


This week has been good and let’s hope for another great one. les amo muchisimo y bueno se que todo va estar de diez esta semana!!!


Elder Harker

Monday April 15, 2013

Wow I just don’t know where to start as there are tons of things on my mind but anyway I’ll start with school and I’ll put a mark next to the things I like.

But anyway about me it’s hard to say everything especially when I’m super short on time and my mind is full of things to say. I’m sorry my emails are terrible these days.

We went and did an asado byut eh lake today for pday and well it was a good day with lots from the zone!!!

All is good here and I’m all ready to go out and work. Glad to hear form you all and well hope you have good week!!!!

I love you all and well we’ll be talking one day!!!


Elder Harker




Monday April 22, 2013

Great to hear about Christine’s farewell, and well also about Kati Anne and her farewell. I know that they both will be amazing missionaries and well,

Kati fa no tengo ni idea lo que puedo decir, solamente puedo decir que work hard, follow the spirit and well just be yourself with the message of the Gospel ,make it get to your heart before it gets to anyone else, make sure that you yourself are converted and well read Preach my Gospel!!!!!! It will work wonders in your life!!!! Just be that missionary that you’ve always wanted to be and don’t get down ever because miracles do happen!!! I testify that they are real and God works them in our lives everyday!!!

y bueno esta semana ha side dicifl con muchas ups and downs and well we are just working through it. We are working hard so that we can baptize next week and well I just know the Lord has a miracle waiting for us and we just need to go to work and he will be able to provide for what we need. We are praying for a baptism this week and that the families we are working with can feel the spirit and have the desire to be baptized!!

Other than that all I can say is that I just love the gospel. I want to learn it and live it even more than I do right now. Just going to live the gospel that is a great desire I have, just doing it to the fullest extent.

Apart from that we had a good pday last week in which we played mafia by the lake and well now we are together with the zone again and are gunnna have a pday all together so I’m excited!! But other than that I have no idea what else to tell you. About the release date the 2 years is 27th of July I think. I’ll be gating home around the 30th or something like that. The last day of July or first day of August but I don’t have an official release date yet.

Well still thinking about school but just apply for classes you think I would like and any questions ask me and I’ll try to answer cause you know how I am. jajaja well until the next time famila I love you all.


Elder Harker

Monday April 29, 2013
Hey Family!!!

This week has sure been a killer and well I’m super tired but that’s just the way life goes sometimes!!! Hay que trabajar!!

Well just a comment to the family about when I get home, don’t plan too much and don’t really count on me for anything the first 2 days I’m home cause I’m gunna be in the temple those days. okie dokie.

So things are just dandy always get a good boost in your week when you talk to weird people or you have to go on a wild goose chase with two Elders on the same bike looking for someone. (more detail I’ll give in person because it’s not funny through email) But anyway I loved the week and all the blessings and challenges that we had, although we worked hard the hardest part way not having anyone in church!!! Such a bummer but we just gotta work hard next week to make up for it!!! So what more can I say this week, we had to go to Rio Cuarto for a zone pday together like I had said and well after wards we worked there for Tuesday as well and that was super fun. We could see tons of miracles and well I really enjoyed being able to just work in someone else’s area animating them and well finding those tender mercies and huge miracles that the Lord always has prepared for us.

I am way happy to hear about Kati Anne and her farewell. I know she will be an amazing missionary and well everyone who goes out with real intent to work hard will be a great missionary. I love the work and I can’t say anymore than that just know that I love you tons and well I’m grateful that you are my family and that I can rely on you guys!!!

All is well and until the next time my loves!!!

Elder Harker
































Sunday, 17 March 2013

By the way...I just passed out on the street

Monday March 11, 2013



Fa un monton de cambios alla en canada pero bueno es lo qur pasa con el tiempo!!! 


pero bueno me alegro muchisimo al escuchar todo lo que esta pasando alla and way to go mom with your new calling. You’ll be great. But anyway sounds like things are guuna get a lot more busy. 


So things with me are just great. I did forget to tell you guys a thing or two last week and well what I forgot to tell you was that not last Monday but the one before I passed out in the street while contacting someone. But apart from that I’m all good and well. 


So the big news for this week is huge!!!! 

To be honest the last 2 weeks have been really hard with lots of trials and lots of times where we just felt alone and unsuccessful. What we’ve been trying to do is keep us animated and well just working hard. So we kept being diligent and obedient and well at the end of this week I have gained a solid and firm testimony that God knows us and loves us. He knows us in all times and knows exactly what we need. So as we kept working it was Sunday and we were getting a little down from not having the most successful week and well this lady with her child came and contacted us in the street. SHE CONATCTED US!!!! And well asked where the church was and our number and all that and well we also asked who she was and her number and all that jazz. It turns out her husband has heard the missionaries before and he’s gone to church and was looking for the missionaries again. We got in contact with him later yesterday and set up to go meet with them this week. In reality we just came form their house and well it’s a family of 5, 4 of which can be baptized. They have to get married but no problems. We know that this family is a gift from God and well he put them in our path and us in theirs cause they were looking for us!!!! This has only happened one other time in my mission and well I was just struck with awe. So were gunna work super hard with them and well they are just the miracle that we need and they need. So the Lord is so merciful. 


That’s about all the news I got for this week, all is well and well I just love the gospel and this work and there is no other. Until next week!!!


Love ya tons

Elder Harker



Monday, 4 March 2013

Catching up with Kent

Monday March 4, 2013


Hey guys!!!!  Thanks for all of the great news!!!


So things here are just dandy and well we are having just a great time. Yesterday after church we went to go eat at the house of a familia en la rama, and well I found a set of hand cuffs and asked the husband quien es un militar, ¿tiene the key for this? Well he said no. I thought he was joking and so I put it on the wrist of Elder F. Well it turns out that he really didn’t have the key. If Mike Gedlaman reads this, this will be the moment in which he says that I’m on the top of the meat head list. So we then looked all around the house looking for a key to the hand cuffs and well we were about to leave to go to the station to get them removed when we found one hidden away. Luckily we were able to get the cuffs off. My comp was still happy and was a little excited to go out and preach with the cuffs on. jajajaja. aparte de lo que paso alli todo esta bien. We’ve had an interesting week with lots of things to do and man I think this week was one of the weeks we worked the hardest in all my mission, it was soo great!!! 


Everyday I was just beat and well waking up in the morning was so hard cause it just felt like I didn’t even sleep but hey that’s whats great about mission life. Even though it hurts you know you’re doing your job. This week was soo amazing in which we saw many miracles and just had a ton of experiences working with the members, and we were able to go out and work with members like 4 days this week and so it was a huge success. Well I’m just happy with what is happening in our area. Just gotta keep your head up and keep going forward. I don’t really know what else to write cause all is well. But hey we’ll be talking soon. !!!!


Anyway until next week my fam!!!!



Elder Harker



Monday Feb 25, 2013


Hey Mom, 


So this week has been an interesting one with a couple of interesting experiences. First of all like I was explaining to Dad and you can ask him for more details but this week I was presiente de la rama. entonces yo tenia que hacer todo en la iglesia ayer con mi compañero y la verdad que me gustó. But other than that we had a little run in with our house alarm. Now this is the only pension or house I have seen in Argentina with an alarm and the pension es bastante cheta. pero bueno the other day I was cleaning a little bit of shelf and I found this little grey box with a button so obviously I pressed the button and then there was this loud beep. I went to go to where we study and this really, really, really loud alarm starts going off and I couldn`t turn it off again with the little grey button. So what happened is when I pressed it I armed the alarm and then the sensor got me and my comp so we were running around the pension just trying to figure out what to do yelling and screaming and covering our ears. And well yelling and screaming a little more locked ourselves in the bedroom and not much help so we tried and tried to run it off and finally we went outside to escape the sound.  Then I pressed the button again and it turned off. The alarm guy came to see what happened and we explained him the story but basically we just went nuts and man my ear hurt afterwards. So a little adventure of the week. But the week has been great and we were able to have 4 people in church this week and well they are progressing way good. They keep learning and being in charge of church. The other day really helped cause we taught to what they needed to hear cause we had no idea what the lessons were supposed to be. Any way we should see some great progress with them this week too. 


All is well and well we just keeping working hard trying to help out the rama. I can’t complain.  I don’t really know but I do want to ask if you can send, a Canadian shirt or jersey so I can give it to my comp. He’s way tight and I want to give him something. So that’s all I would ask. Other than that the paisley ties and that’s about all, anything really that you send you know I will accept willingly and lovingly so I don’t complain. 

But anyway I love you tons cya later.



Elder Harker


Tuesday Feb 19, 2013

Familia Mia!!!! les amo!!

faa que semana que tuvimos!!! So Elder F, he has 3 months in the mission. He’s from Columbia and well he’s just super great!! We get along well and he’s super humble ready to work and ready to do the Lord’s will and so we are getting along just fine!!! The area is way different, well not that different it’s in the middle of nowhere and just us 2 that are here. It is soo small like maybe the size of Tuscany, maybe smaller!!!! It’s a tiny rama and this week we had 15 people in church and soo there is lots of room for improvement!! It’s a lot nicer than my other areas in terms of scenery so that’s nice but all we got to do is go to work and well save the children of men.

Great news to hear about Reg and Amanda and Becca and Mike!!! Congrats to them!!! And well say hi to everyone for me.

But anyway to tell you a little bit about me, alls the same besides the change in area and companino and working habits and on and on. So just about you could say that all is different hahaa. But I’m good. It’s been an interesting week just getting to know the are, the people and the investigators their needs and well just getting familiar with everything. I think this week will be a little bit better as I have an idea of how things go here and well now it’s time to go to work. This week we really need to get to work because we didn’t have anyone in church this week and soo there are no excuses for this week. Its guuna be a big fight but I know that the Doctrine of Chrsit changes people and teaching that doctrine with power and authority will change these people. I have enough faith to say that we will have people in church this week and that’s what we’re gunna do. Elder F has his mind set in the same way as me and well we just gotta do it now.

So from my side of the world all is well and we keep going strong. Sorry I don’t have much to tell this week but hey just know that I’m fine!!

Love you all soo much

Elder Harker


Sunday, 17 February 2013

New area, same zone

Monday Feb 11, 2013


Hey Guys!!!


Well sounds like Stake Conference was really quite a good experience. Man I just love hearing such inspiring talks and well it just has such a great impact on our lives I love it. 

So this week the big news is that I got transferred!!! I am now in Almafuerte in the same zone but it’s a new experience and well my new companion sure is great!!! So far I love him to death, super humble and meek, super loving and just all in all great. I don’t know him too much but I think we're gunna be able to work very hard together and see a lot of miracles!!! He’s from Columbia and is named Elder F!


Well notes on my last area is that this week we were able to see another family be baptized and more relatives to E and R!!! It’s been great being able to work with them but M and E were baptized and confirmed this week, along with another investigator R!!! It has been amazing to just be in that area as we were able to see many miracles and well we had a ton of success it was almost unbelievable!!! I sure do enjoy the mission!!!!


Well sorry to cut it short this week but all is well with me and we will be talking next week and I’ll let you how my first week goes here. I’m sure its gunna be a blast and well it’s just time to go back to what I know best. So I’ll be seeing ya!!!



Elder Harker


Monday Feb 4, 2013


Hey guys,

So anyway life with me is great!!!! We are just busting down doors and well finding a ton of people to teach I just love it all!!! This week we are preparing a couple that we have been teaching for some time to be baptized. Well we’re gunna have another happy family in the ward and so we’re super happy that they have taken this important decision to follow the Lord in what they do!!! I just can’t even explain how much I love missionary work, it’s actually quite amazing and well there’s always something to be doing.


So I would like to share with you one of the miracles that we had this week. We went out to a little pueblo called holmberg esta semana con dos jovenes de nuestro barrio. yo estaba con un presbitero and well we got to the pueblo and just started to work. We were trying to find a lady named L because she was an old investigator from that area and well long story short we spent the entire day looking for her and well we never found her jajajajaja pero bueno durante el tiempo en que trabajams. pudimos encontrar un montonaso de gente y pudimos enseñar muchas leccions, vimos mucho exitó!!! So the day went super well as we were able to see many fruits. But the best part of the day was what happened at lunch. We worked from like 1130 til like 2 in the afternoon and then finally at 2 we got hungry so we started to just look for anyplace to eat and as it’s a small town we couldn’t find much. We found a place called [pare y pruebe] and well it means {stop and try}.  It was closed. So we went to a kiosko and the lady there told us she had a friend that makes food and called her up for us and said she would be waiting for us at her house. When we arrived at the house she was waiting outside for us and invited us in and made food for us right there!!! She just offered and invited us in to eat in her house. As we waited for the pizza she was making we got to know her. We just had an amazing experience with her and her family. We taught a great lesson after we ate and then we invited them to go to church. They couldn’t go that Sunday but they are going to the next week. So it was a miracle form heaven and the people in that little pueblo are soo nice I loved the day there!!!! What a good way to end the week.


So all is well and we keep working but that’s about all I got for you this week. I’ll let you know what’s up next week!!!

Love ya tons!!!


Elder Harker


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Monday January 21, 2013


Wow sounds like all is changing back there!

I am great!!!

This week was rather short it seems but man we worked our butts off and I’m a tired little Elder!!! We had to really bust it this week cause we’re coming up to the end of the month and well we need to start preparing a family to baptize for next month. Oh my I love this work even though its super stressful and has your mind working so hard all the time and just thinking about all the people you visit and all that they need it sure does make you feel good that you can just think about others and their problems instead of your own!!!!  How wonderful!!! 


But this week man I can’t even remember one experience right now because it all passed by so fast it just seems like a blur now. I remember one, well we went  to visit this family we contacted one day. Well we actually contacted the wife and then we were going back to meet the husband. After a little bit of small talk getting to know him we went inside and started to talk about their beliefs and views on religion and all that jazz and well he was just straight up don’t invite me to go to church, don’t invite me to read or do anything, basically I’m just here to listen. We started to teach and share experiences and  testify and well just started to do everything and as they listened the husband got closer and closer and by the end he was paying attention just so attentively it was amazing, tears started to fill his eyes and well the spirit touched his heart. He accepted every commitment we left with them that day and was very willing to do them. Awwwww how the spirit is soo wonderful and can change any man or woman in the whole world!!! I love it!!!


So that’s what’s up family nothing tooo much but I’m just loving life and I don’t know what else to say!!! Well we’ll be talking chau!!!



Elder Harker


Monday January 14, 2013


Ok so family how are things going?? Sounds like is a blast back there in Calgs but hey I hope you all have fun in all that you are doing!!!


So things from this week. Well we worked hard even though we had some interesting events happen like interviews with President and well I had to stay with a missionary inside as he was recovering from a sickness and well all that stuff that a missionary does. We had a good week as we kept trying to strive to be better and well I don’t know what to say we just saw some great miracles and were able to really trust in the Lord on a few things. It was a great blessing to see that yesterday we had no one in church and then at the last minute 4 investigators showed up to sacrament meeting after we looked all morning for people!!! What a tender mercy of the Lord!!! So that was the great miracle of the week. But apart from that my interview went sooo well and well I just love President Salas what a great man he is!!! So inspired, and well just perfect for me. 

I’m still with Elder Castillo and well its going great and I’m learning lots!!!!

Well fam I’m sorry but I don’t really know what to say. I love you all soo much and I just know that this church is true. I really had to come to terms with that this week, through an experience I had. I know that Jesus is the Christ that he is the only begotten of the Father and that he knows us  and loves us. I know that he has given his life to save ours and I will be eternally grateful for that sacrifice. I know that this is his gospel and that as we preach it he is at our side teaching as well. I know the Holy Spirit of the Lord is the great comforter for man and I love this gospel. I leave you with my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 


Well all for now I love you lots!!!!

Love, Elder Harker

Sunday, 13 January 2013

his emails seem to be getting shorter, but he is still happy and loving the work!

Monday December 17, 2012


Hey Fam Jam, 


Sorry I don’t have much time cause we’re a little bit behind, but hey I’ll start with the phone call before it leaves my head. So the next week our pday will be moved to Tuesday as it is Christmas day and we will be able to call then.

All in all life with all you seems great and it makes me soo happy to hear of all the things going on over there. I am happy here and we keep being blessed with tons of success. This weekend we baptized A. She is awesome, she’s the grandmother of E and so if you’re keeping up with the history we are just working with tons of families!!! It’s amazing to see soo many people making the decision to be baptized and well I love just working here. This place is amazing and well there is a ton still to learn but man I’m ready. All I know is that there is no place anywhere that I’d rather be. 


I got your package with the ties and such and thank you very much for that!!!! I don’t really know what else to say but hey we’ll be talking soon. I hope you have a great week and good job to everyone who did something awesome this week, aka Sara and Erin singing, and Jonny talking and well anyone else I forgot. I love you all, soo sorry I’m short for time. Chau



Elder Harker
Monday, December 31, 2012
Hey sorry I don’t have any time to write I’m just going nuts but.....
(Mission of Zion)
I love you all sooo much and well I’ll be writing a lot more next week to explain but just to say that we ended the week with a baptism and it’s time to work even though there are transfers this week. I love the work and we’ll see what happens next week, I love you. 
Elder Harker
It was great talking to Kent at Christmas and one thing he wanted to pass on was a big hello to all the ward members, family and friends – Hola from Elder Harker

Monday January 7, 2013



Well, well, well, I’m sorry the last email was not that long but hey I’m still alive. We had a little zone celebration last pday for the goals we were able to accomplish. 


So anyway the big news for the week is that we baptized C!!!!! He’s an 88 year old man who is husband to A that older lady we baptized a few weeks ago and man their family is special!!!! I love them!!!! and in fact later today we’re gunna go play card games with them, not rook but oh well we get to play truco which is a way fun card game they taught us and man I just love playing games like that.. The baptismal service of C was soooo special and the spirit was just so strong!!! Super great family and all of them just accept the gospel of Jesu Cristo sooooo easily, I love it!!!!


Apart from that all is normal nothing really that new. We just keep working and we keep moving forward. There’s still ALOT to learn and man I find new things to work on every single day. Its hard being a missionary but hey I love it!!! There is literally nothing in the world I would rather be doing than sharing the gospel!!!!


To make this letter not soo short I’ll share with you something that I was studying this week. One day I went to read a little about Abraham and man he was sooo obedient. I didn’t even realize it. I started to look at his family and I’ve read the book of Abraham before when it talks about as a child or youth his parents were going to let him be sacrificed by a heathen priest of Elkanah. Well it’s interesting to see that after that experience as a child the Lord then asked him to do the same with his son, Isaac. To sacrifice him as an offering to God and well we all know how that turned out. But interesting and amazing to see the obedience of Abraham having to repeat and relive a little of what was going to happen to him. 

Well just a few thoughts!!


Hey I love you all and well stay safe



Elder Harker