Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011 - July 2013

Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011-July 2013
Alma 37:36 Yea, and cry into God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord: yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Posts from June 3 - July 15th - almost home, if we ever get a date and flight details. I keep thinking of the movie the RM and Kent just showing up at the door....

Monday June 3, 2013


Hey mom and well family I am so sorry I don’t have any time to write at all but I’m alive and well. I’m doing good until next week!!!! I love you all tengan una buena semana y saben que todavia noi estoy trunky!!!! les amo muchisimo y bueno hasta la proxima!!! 


Elder Harker

Monday June 10, 2013


Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok , I get it, you want to know when I come home, but your just gunna have to wait cause the time has not yet come, tranquilo mam tranquilo. pero bueno I should come home like the 31 of July or 1 of August so plan for around there. 


So anyway, Elder Cook, well he talked about many things and we were  also able to hear from his wife. A few of the things that I really found incredible was that at the end of his talk he proclaimed a blessing upon us and it was just super powerful and I could just feel the spirit so strong.  It was just amazing and well I have it written down but I don’t have it with me. He also talked about the blessings of a mission and a few of the things he mentioned is that as we serve, we bless our own posterity, our own family actual, our ´parents and brothers and sisters, and all that has to do with who we are and who we will become. It was great to hear that because really it’s true and although I haven’t literally seen all the blessing that come from a mission I know that they will be manifest in the future, and among many others things he shared with us it was really just a great and sacred meeting where the Spirit was really felt. 


Sounds like life at home is pretty much the same and so I’m happy for you guys.  I don’t really know what else to say. All is well and we keep working hard. Oh I guess I should tell you about the baptism we had on Saturday!!!! Her name is E and she’s like 63, way cool lady, and she’s a little different sometimes cause she had a stroke a few years ago but super nice. Always wants to give us food and stuff and well her baptism was super cool. The Bishop baptized her and well it was super special and well I can’t send photos right now because my camera as of Saturday kinda broke cause my comp was using it and he dropped it so the lens needs to be fixed. That’s a bummer but oh well these things happen. I’ll probs be taking out some money for that plus I need to start looking for recuerdos and so I’ll be taking out money to buy some things just to let you know. I will need some extra in my account.


Well I love you all and have a splendid week!!!!


Elder Harker



Monday June 17, 2013


So I don’t really know what to tell you, for the last 2 years I pretty much write the same thing every week, but oh well that’s life right. 


Things are just dandy and we are working hard, there are changes that will be happening and well I will be training this next transfer a new missionary and so things are going to be kept a little bit interesting!!1 am excited and it gives me a great reason to just keep going strong.  I can’t rest now so I think I’ll be coming home half dead. It makes me happy!!! 


Other than that we are just working hard and well trying to keep ourselves busy and ready to work all the time. We have some new investigators that we are working with and so all is well here in the mission. I don’t have any complaints and now I just need to hit the pavement. 

So I’m just thinking and thinking and well nothing else really comes to mind. 


Do you guys want anything in specific from Argentina???

Well I love you all and we’ll be talking next week.



Love Elder Harker


Monday June 24, 2013


Well lots going on it seems!!!

Well my companion is Elder O´Hanley from Las Vegas, Nevada, and well he’s a great Elder. I don’t really know what else to say about him. He’s super innocent and he does not speak barely any Spanish at all and so we are learning little by little. We might be taking a little advantage of him with jokes and stuff like that but don’t worry it’s all fun and games and they are all good jokes nothing too far so don’t worry mother, it’s alright.
Things are just dandy with work coming on hard and well we need to just keep this rhythm. This week has been quite an adventure with lots of things going on. We are trying to get our head around things. This next week Pres Salas leaves and well we’re gunna have one last conference tomorrow with all the mission and then he’s gone on like Sunday I think. Something like that. The new president we know who it is but I have no idea how to spell it so I won’t even try. 


But all in all things are good and well I don’t have anything else to say. so I love you all and well until next week.

Elder Harker

Monday July 1, 2013

Sounds like lots of disaster, but that gives you guys a lot of time and effort to go out and serve the people. Good timing that it is during summer too so that lots of people have the day off to go out and help .


Well great job on your talk mom, I’m sure it went well and well I just know it did. haha

Too bad for Sara’s car but oh well that’s just life always full of adventures. (a skunk sprayed her car)

Anyway I don’t really know what to tell you. All is the same and well nothing is changing much. Still just having a blast with my comp we’re doing some good work and well the people are progressing and growing closer to Christ, so what more can I ask for. The ward is on fire and we’re working really hard with them and everything. But hey it’s missionary work and we just gotta do it. 

So I’m just a happy camper and well I don’t really know what else to tell you but I love you all. And this next week is gunna be great!!! cya later!!

Elder Harker

 Letter he sent Brad

That’s way cool to hear about all the helping hands that’s going on out there at home. I was able to see the pics and well it looks like lots of people are helping out so that is super awesome!!!

Anyway this was a great week, lots of progress. Well now we have a new mission president, now just to meet him. Anyway until next time sorry I don’t have lots of time!

Love you

Elder Harker


Oh but I gotta tell you something I forgot. My bday was soo amazing and just for the fact of this!!!!!


Look at picture!!!!


I got to go back to my first area, Renaciemiento!!

I got to witness the baptism of Nahuel!! ahh it was such a great birthday gift!!! 

He was my investigator 2 years ago part of the familia Buyo just the best family ever and pretty much my family here!!!

It was just amazing to be able to go back to see that!!!


And also this week we had the goodbye to Pres Salas. It was super hard to say goodbye but I know that I`ll see him again cause we made some plans haha but anyway that’s the big news for today chau!!!

Monday July 8, 2013


Nope, it should be Abide with me tis eventide. 


But anyway on to other things. As always you are all busy and well I don’t know what else to respond because I just always am saying the same thins. But to tell you a little. 

My new Mission Pres I don’t know him, just talked to him once so can’t tell ya anything yet. 

My comp is from Las Vegas, named Elder O´hanley!!!

He’s doing pretty good the only thing that is really hard for him is the language and so we`re working on that one but we’ll see what we can do. 

And well what else do I say. I’m just dandy and all and well I love the mission.

I hope that this week goes well and anything that is interesting I`ll tell you next week but for now all is just great!!! Love you lots!!


Elder Harker


Monday July 15, 2013


Ok just to let you know, I still don’t have any details on the getting home thing so just be patient. Anyway I don’t even want to know just yet so I’m fine with it for now. 


But anyway all is well I really don’t know what to write. We should be baptizing this weekend and so that will be super awesome and well a great way to start out the last weeks. All is the same as normal nothing really has changed but I guess I could say I’ve met the Mission President and well he seems way cool and super ready to be the President. I’ve already accepted him as my new Mission President and well I know that he will do great things here. 


well having lots of memorable moments and trying to treasure them but most of all just trying to work as hard as I can so that’s about my life right now. Nothing too exciting and well that’s what I got to say. I’m really blanking on anything else I can write you and well that’s about it.  We`ll talk for the last time next week I think and well until then chau!!


Love you

Elder Harker



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