Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011 - July 2013

Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011-July 2013
Alma 37:36 Yea, and cry into God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord: yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Monday, Feb 20,2012

Well Hey Guys

Sounds like your week was very short and not too too busy, but still a good one I hope. So for me it has been about the same. Well it was still the same length but not too  much happened either. I hate to say it but it has been another hard week for us. But I did really learn somethings and what I need to do to help the work move forward. Every day is its own battle, and like dad had said ya we need to really look at each day on its own. If we can make one day after another a great one it turns out to be a great week. It’s always a battle in the mission, but when things are rough you just got to push it into over drive because a normal week’s work is not gunna cut it. I know that it’s a tough time but it’s only going to continue like that until something is done about it.

For me this week has been a very humbling experience, and I’ve really had to seek advice from many different sources, and I’m ready to go back at it and see what comes of it. But one thing that has really opened my eyes is that concept of setting goals. That is really one thing that the mission comes down to. Setting reasonable goals that you know will push you even just a little but then by the end of the day the goal is not an option. If you have set a goal, you need to reach it. No exceptions. Without this mentality you won’t grow, and you will always set goals that you might never achieve. So that’s something that I’m still working on, and I can’t say I’m a master at goal setting yet but maybe in 2 years I will be.

But really not too much of anything exciting happened this week. Today we got up cleaned and then went to the chapel to play some bball for like 3 hours so it was way fun and super sweaty cause its soo humid outside. But ya then got some lunch took a quick nap and got a haircut and we were on our way. So just been super chill and trying to prep and get into gear for this next week.

That’s way cool that Erin took that trip to see Tanner, and I hope he’s doing alright. Sara keep working on that guitar and ukulele (however it’s spelt) and we’ll jam when I get home. Mom and Dad just stay the sweet parents that you are. I hope that all is well, you keep seguiendo in the ways of the Lord, and well for now I guess its nos vemos.


su chanchito peludo

Elder Harker

Pday to the soccer stadium

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