Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011 - July 2013

Serving in the Argentina Cordoba Mission July 2011-July 2013
Alma 37:36 Yea, and cry into God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord: yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever.

Friday, 13 January 2012


Monday January 9, 2012

 Ok wow.........

It seemed like sooooo much happened this week. I don’t even know where to begin, should I comment first or write about my week like wow crazy. Well anyway as you can probably see from my pictures that we baptized again!!!!!!! woooohooooo it has been soo great and such an amazing experience baptizing every week!!! Oh my goodness I am so happy for these people but there is still a lot more work to be done!  This week we baptized 6 people. We invited the Zone leaders Elder V and Elder S to come and baptize with us!! oh man it was soo awesome and then we are preparing the kids of A and A is his name is to be baptized in the coming weeks, it’s going to be a little hard cause they are a little older and with teenager problems but it will be a good challenge and a good time for them to feel the help of the Lord in their lives!  But ya that’s about all that happened this weekend but it was soo cool I’d have to say. 

Dad first off thank you for the info on LDS FAM that was good and I’ll probably be sending some questions to you next week after I talk to this Elder about it. Sounds like all of you are doing great and enjoyed this last week with all the bowling and New Years events! And I hope you all had a good time with Jo-Nathan and hope he had a good time too, it’s always nice when family comes to visit. Sounds like it was ok. But mom and dad all I got to say is wow!!!! It sounds like you are doing a lot of socializing lately. If you could say hi to everyone for me like the Horne’s and Down’s and Tagg’s and all them folks. But ya sounds like all is well and to all those in the ward that sent me Christmas cards like the Hopkin’s and Gedlaman’s even though I didn’t get it, also the Young Men and Women.  And Erin and Sara sounds like they have been busy this last little while it’s all great to hear, and you should feel good cause everyone in the cyber is probably like who the heck is this gringo who is going noooooooo or yaaaaaaaa when I read your emails. But ya it’s all a good time. 

But to comment on your emails a little, it sounds like your Sunday School class on Sunday was really great and also you learnt a lot. It’s cool too cause this week I was reading the same thing as I’ve started to read the BOM again from cover to cover. and I was reading that first chapter and learning a lot, but something I found interesting is think about why that chapter is the first of the BOM, As Nephi prays to find out if the things his father said were true and whether he should follow or not. Is that not the same story as Joseph Smith. I don’t know if that makes sense but all I’m trying to say is that this story is a parallel to the Joseph Smith story.

But I don’t have too much time but anyway I’m happy to hear that all is well and that you are all doing so great, I love you all soo much and I pray for you all the time and can’t wait to talk to you next week.

Love Elder Harker

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